Sunday, December 14, 2008

Compromise, Thy Name is Life. Do You Agree with It?

Below is an essay which I wrote sometime back for a special occasion. Let me share this small yet interesting essay with you:

Strong and heroic people, like you and they, may not agree to the aforesaid line. So did Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler and many others. But, all, at one time or the other, have to agree that it is indeed true --- Compromise, thy name is life. And I agree with it.

Life, at every point; from the lazy mornings, when you curse your boss for having been the reason for your such a miserable life, to the cozy sweet-doing-nothings of mid-night, when you curse your wife for being such a bad partner; is full of compromises. You don't like the kaamwali (maid-servant) for being such a frequent absentee, but you compromise and accept her as happily as you are accepted by your wife! Else, she will leave you. You, don't like the government's ban on AXN's World's Sexiest Commercials, but you compromise with a smile, lest your wife, or for that matter, your little son should call you an old, immoral psychopath! You don't like the long never-ending queue of vehicles, burping and blowing at the busy crossing on your way to office, but you compromise by mouthing a few chosen adjectives at the system, or at the hefty, bald man, who overtakes his vehicle just in front of yours and makes his way! You compromise, because you just can't reach out to the system and shout at it for its follies, you just can't get the better with the hefty, bald man and rough up.

So to say, there is a zillion of example to prove the fact that, we all are the preys to Compromise and at some point or the other we keep on compromising. But, nevertheless, we must keep on fighting with all our might, not to cut a sorry figure in front of compromises. Because compromises keep on teaching us the lessons of patience and perseverance.


  1. Plz don't misunderstand. This comment is not out of compulsion! It's just to say, you're superb!

  2. no fiend....i don't see axn!

  3. Excellent! Difficult to accept but this is exactly what LIFE is all about. The challenge is to SMILE and BE HAPPY with the compromises and to make the best out of it. Devaleena Joardar


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